About Us

My name is Tammy Kapsalis.  I am the owner of Paddle Anywhere.  I have enjoyed paddling for many years and have been an avid kayaker for over 6 years.

Paddle Anywhere offers families, friends and couples the opportunity to see our local waterways from a different angle.  Windsor/Essex has many waterways to explore!  What better way to create priceless memories!

Paddle Anywhere is located at 892 Riverdale Avenue.  You can launch directly onto Little River from our place which will take you out to the Detroit River.   Paddle across to Peche Island to discover a peaceful serenity in our own back yard, a trip down to the Peace Fountain or explore the beautiful homes along the shoreline.  Paddle Anywhere also allows our rentals to be taken by you to any other location you choose to adventure too!

Our season typically runs from June thru the beginning of October.  Our decision to when we open and close is based on the local water temperatures.  We are good to go when the  water temperatures are around 68 to 70.  The water is still shocking cold and it is important to still be cautious.  We want you to have a wonderful experience and return safely from your journey! 

Video of Paddle Anywhere ....check us out!  https://www.facebook.com/PADDLEANYWHERE.CA/videos/1955604911387854/

Please feel free to contact us to make your reservations or if you have any questions!

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